Sheila littlehorn
Morning Light Across Wynetka Farm

"Morning Light Across Wynetka Farm" | 12" x 9" | Oil | Image Copyright © Sheila Littlehorn

October Spectacular

"October Spectacular" | 16" x 12" | Oil | Image Copyright ©Sheila Littlehorn

Church of the Most Holy Trinity

"Church of the Most Holy Trinity" |8" x10" | Oil | Image Copyright © Sheila Littlehorn

Tasty Temptation & Sunkissed

"Tasty Temptation & Sunkissed" | 5" x 5" | Oil | Image Copyright © Sheila Littlehorn

Crimson Passage

"Crimson Passage" | 12" x 9" | Oil | Image Copyright © Sheila Littlehorn

Blue Path to the Gorge

"Blue Path to the Gorge" | 12" x 9" | Oil | Image Copyright © Sheila Littlehorn

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Sheila Marie Littlehorn
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As long as I can remember I have observed the world around me with the eyes of a painter. I have always been involved in artistic and creative ventures.

I owned a stained glass shop for a dozen years, designing and creating commissions for custom home builders and individuals. Next I worked for a start-up baby product company. There, I designed fabrics and developed, designed and patented baby products. After 15 years big changes came about and I was put into the accounting area. My wake-up call, it was time to really live my passion and paint.

Painting has grown into a totally consuming and wonderful part of my life. I am primarily a self-taught painter. With an insatiable desire to learn and understand, I research and study many painters past and present. I supplement with independent workshops with some of the best and well known artist today, including Frank Serrano, Kathleen Dunphy, Sherrie McGraw and John Poon.

As a representational painter, I love the powerful beauty of the landscape, simple objects and the figure. I enjoy observing and translating on canvas the shapes, values, colors and most exciting, the light. I relish the challenges and excitement of painting "en plein air", and also savor the solitude of working in my studio.

I look forward every day to the pursuit of my passion, exploring, enjoying and sharing this wonderful adventure.