Gail Firmin
Meandering Stream

"Meandering Stream" | Mixed Media| Image Copyright © Gail Firmin

"Terra Cotta Cooler" | Watercolor | Image Copyright © Gail Firmin

"Sun-baked" | Watercolor | Image Copyright © Gail Firmin


"September Sunflowers" | Watercolor | Image Copyright © Gail Firmin


"Native Colors" | Watercolor | Image Copyright © Gail Firmin


"The Dropped Note" | Graphite | Image Copyright © Gail Firmin

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Gail Firmin
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Gail Firmin's watercolors reflect her love of nature. Inspired by the beauty of the Ken Caryl Valley where she lives, scenes from her travels, or just the lazy repose of her two cats, she strives for a semblance of realism, while having fun with the properties of different pigments and techniques. Primarily self-taught, she has enjoyed the opportunity to participate in workshops with artists such as Frank Francese and Michael Atkinson.

Gail teaches art classes for the City of Lakewood, mentors disabled adults in the DDRC's Art & Soul program and manages community outreach for both the Ken Caryl Art Guild and the Lakewood Arts Council. She is a member of the LAC's Co-op gallery.

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