Bruce Nall
Walk the Talk Sculptor

"Walk the Talk Sculpture" | Mixed Metal | Image Copyright © Bruce Nall

Massey Draw Daisies

"Massey Draw Daisies" | Photography | Image Copyright © Bruce Nall

Before Smog

"Before Smog" | Photography | Image Copyright © Bruce Nall

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Bruce Nall
PO Box 620579
Littleton, CO 80162-0579


I own and operate Select Image Photography, a commercial photography and publishing business. Since 1980, my photographs have been featured on posters, calendars and greeting cards as well as in books, magazines and advertisements.

In my sculpture, I incorporate salvaged items and components from abandoned electronic equipment. The pieces are often quite textural due to the fasteners and hardware required for assembly. By restructuring the components, I created new forms and shapes. The equipment used in my sculptures is selected and assembled for its visual appeal and not as it would have been assembled for operation.

I am an electrical engineer by training and a self-taught photographer.