Interview by Susan Peters         For Sunset Ridge News August 2021

Anyone who strolls the paths throughout Sunset Ridge notices the striking flowers and landscape design of Michele Sires-DeLorean. The opening of her breathtaking peony blossoms marks summer’s arrival.  Week after week, more delightful botanical surprises follow.  Obviously, this is no ordinary flowerbed and no ordinary gardener.


Passionate about the natural world and its cycles of energy and beauty, Michele also expresses her connection to nature in her art.  Inspired by the challenges humans face as part of the natural world, Michele’s art honors the struggle between man and nature.  During the Covid lockdown, she began reflecting on the resilience of the human spirit and the role our instincts play in confronting challenge.  From this vision, she has painted a series of ‘Poetic Portraits’ depicting human/animal hybrids intimating various aspects of the human character with rich animal symbolism.


Initially, Michele focused her art on representational landscapes, florals, animals, and children’s portraits, which took months to produce.  As she explored abstraction, she continued a prescriptive process, but began deconstructing, then reconstructing the subject as an image using the mathematical principle of phi in order to suggest its essence.


She has since shifted to extemporaneous images with ink and other mixed media and finds it exhilarating to work with viscous mediums using large, indiscriminate brush strokes. Such a process gradually reveals an underlying narrative on canvas, one that she describes as an Inner Landscape. 


Michele’s art has evolved with her life experience.  She comes from a highly creative family but didn’t pursue art “as a calling”until 9/11 caused the loss of a business contract.  At that time she had been a creative consultant and trainer for corporations.  Spending three years on a project in New Zealand was a “life changing experience.”  She says, “The gorgeous, primordial, pristine environment awakened my awareness of the cyclical energy of nature and its connection to the sacred traditions and mythology of the Maori people.”  Her current paintings definitely reflect this influence with haunting human faces enshrouded in animal skins. 


Interview by Susan Peters         For Sunset Ridge News August 2021


In December of 2003, feeling a need to connect with other artists, Michele called the Ranch House to see if there was an organized art group in our community.  There wasn’t, so she started one, which is now the Ken Caryl Art Guild of which she currently serves as a Board Member. 


Michele takes caring for her “garden” seriously.  She sees herself as a custodian of her plants and their care as a “sacred responsibility” honoring  the cycle of planting, sowing, pruning, consuming and letting go. Her connection to nature is visible in both her garden and art. You can learn more about Micheles work, including her Poetic Portraits, by visiting her website at 


Michele Sires-DeLorean has lived in Sunset Ridge for 29 years with her husband Marcel DeLorean, who is a Chief Enterprise Architect and part-time artist as well. Look for a story about his art in a future newsletter.