Business Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2018 The Ken Caryl Ranch House

Regular Business:

* Location: Ken Caryl Ranch House meeting room.

* Call to Order: 6:30 PM;

Attendance: Steve McCall, Bruce Nall, Ronnie Seagren, Susan Hilberg, Cindy Marshall, Steve Begej

* Approval of Minutes: July minutes approved

* Financial Report (Susan Hilberg) Bank balance $1,603.76

* Next Meeting Date October 11, 2018

Committee Reports:

* Membership

o Steve McCall asked for a current membership count (i.e., those who have renewed), and a best estimate was 14 to 15. This is in contract to approximately 30+ last year, and quite a bit down from a historical high of 41 members.

o Reasons for declining numbers was thought to be primarily due to the loss and non-replacement of a permanent exhibition space (Rox Bar & Grille), but also including changing member interests and possible confusion that membership was limited to only Ken Caryl residents.

o Exhibit space suggestions that are being explored include

* Taking advantage of KC Ranch opportunities as they arise, such as the Black Arts Wine Shop

* Seeking additional exhibit venues out of the KC Valley area, such as Columbine Library, new brewery pubs (Morrison?), or other commercial establishments

* Renting gallery space for an extended exhibit such as done at the Valkaire Gallery several years ago. 40W galleries were mentioned, but Bruce thought those venues were already fully booked.

o Another option mentioned was to partner with other Art Guilds to gain access to their exhibit venues, such as Roxborough Art Council and their gallery space at Aspen Grove Shopping Center

o Seek additional members through outreach efforts at local high schools or community colleges.

o If membership does not increase by the end of the year, then moving meetings and programs to a quarterly basis might need to be considered.

* Programs / Workshops

o No presenters have been found for the balance of this year.

* Exhibits (Cindy Marshall)

o Black Art Wine Shop might be able to support an exhibit in November and/or December, but a specific timetable depends on factors out of their hands regarding grape deliveries, etc.

o The KCAG has been put on the exhibit schedule at Columbine Library for August, 2019.

o Comments of KCAG show held August 25:

* Good attendance, somewhere around two dozen non-KCAG visitors or couples, including a few families

* Two sales reported (Cindy Marshall and Stefan Begej)

* Suggestions for future shows

* Have a sign-in book or register for patrons seeking more information about KCAG, or just to be kept informed of activities and presentations

* Provide membership forms at the door

* Background music

* Have artists take a more active posture in discussing their art and promoting/marketing their artwork. Many artists were seated too far away from the exhibit area, and missed opportunities to interact with patrons who paused, admired, or otherwise expressed an interest in a particular piece.

* Have greeters at the door to break the ice, point out the exhibit area, and mention that visitors might go to the refreshment area first (food and drink in hand would encourage visitors to linger longer than they otherwise might)

* In addition to advertising by KCAG, artists should endeavor to do their own promotion of the event, e.g., Sending out 10, 20, or 50 postcards to family, friends, and non-KCAG artists

Public Relations (Chelli Schmac)

o Publications

o Website (Judy Ahlborn)

o Facebook

* Art Appreciation (Steve Begej)

o Two general Announcement emails were sent out during August regarding KCAG news and a list of pertinent current art calls in the Denver Metro area.

Old Business / New Business / Communications / Discussion:

Steve McCall brought up several issues for discussion:

* Should blind copy (BCC) be used when disseminating information to all KCAG members?

o Consensus seemed to be "Yes" for broadcasts to all members, in the interest of preserving privacy

o But "No" or "Not necessary" for Board business to board members, since the email addresses are already publicly know (see KCAG website).

* Christmas Party?

o Yes

o Check out various venues, e.g., Meadows, or at a KCAG member's house.

Time of Adjournment: 7:02 PM

Minutes recorded and submitted by - S. Begej.

7 PM Program

* Peri Charlifu was our presenter today on the subject of "Art Marketing and Sales,