HELD SEPT 11, 2014


The monthly business meeting of the Board of Directors of the Ken-Caryl Art Guild was held on September 11, 2014 at Rox Bar & Grill, 12684 W Indore Pl, Littleton CO.


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:12 pm.


Approval of Minutes

July minutes were approved online and uploaded to website.



Susan Hilberg, Bruce Nall, Michele Sires-DeLorean, Ronnie Seagren, Judy Ahlborn


Other in Attendance:

Steve Bergej, Mary Nehls, and three visitors

Next Meeting Date

October 9, 2014, 6 pm at Rox Bar & Grill

Program by Mary Morrison, 7 pm


Committee Reports

Membership: (Sec Michele Sires-DeLorean)

Currently 14 of 23 members have paid membership dues for 2014-1015.


Programs: (Dir Ronnie Seagren)

October presenter: Mary Morrison, working artist from Golden Paints

In light of the November program cancellation, we will have a social hour with demonstration of work at the November meeting.

Ronnie is in discussion with Todd McMahon re: Paleoart program for February 2015 and she requested suggestions for 2015 programs.



In absentia, Dir Barbara Williams supports the rental of space at Valkaire Gallery in Belmar for January 14 - Feb 8 show.

Bruce Nall reported details re: renting the space---with a show of 40 pieces; members will be requested to enter a minimum of 4 pieces at $5 per entry to cover costs. Bruce will present payment to Valkaire and obtain more specific information re: deadline for entries, jurying pieces, etc. Discussion and announcement to members will be presented online as soon as possible.


The Board agreed on deciding a 'general' theme that Michele could work with for promotional activities after Nov 1st. She will present an promotional activities calendar at the November meeting.


January reception at Valkaire (TBD) will replace our Thurs regular monthly meeting.


Art Appreciation: (Dir Bruce Nall)

Bruce suggests all members should register with CAFE.org

Lone Tree Art Expo deadline Oct 13

Own an Original Littleton Fine Arts Board deadline Oct 17


Public Relations: (All)



Submissions for any announcements in final copy form should be sent to Michele by 9/29.


Website: (Dir Judy Ahlborn)

Requests for ongoing updates



Please post photos on the Guild's FB page.


Other Communications/Discussions:

Bruce and Steve were present at the KCR-100 years fest at the Manor House on August 9; special thanks to Steve.

Next Salon Night will be in 2016 ----suggestions will be taken ongoing

Holiday party will be Dec 11 at the Manor House upon confirmation



There being no further items for discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 6:59 pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Michele Sires-DeLorean, Secretary