Minutes of the Business & General Meeting


Thursday, October 14, 2021


Meeting Details:


·      Location:  Remote video conference (Zoom)

·      Call to Order: 7:35 PM

   Board Members in Attendance: Cindy Marshall, Michelle Sires-DeLorean,  Bruce Nall, Steve Begej, Steve McCall

·      KCAG Members Present:  Alexis McDowell, Laura Reagan

·      Approval of Minutes:   

·      Financial Report:  Bank balance:  $ 1.208.75

·      Next Board and Member Meeting Date:  Thursday, January 13, 2022, held in person rather than Zoom video conferencing.  Details regarding time and locations TBA.




·      Call to Order – 7:35pm


·      1101 Mineral – Show Details:


o   Artwork drop-off on Monday, October 18, 10 – 12 in the morning

o   Show venue will provide the labels

o   Hosts will also do a catalog and create a slideshow

o   No reception event is planned due to COVID concerns

o   Laura Reagan suggested that some sort of private get-together be held in celebration of the event, and will send out an email to gage interest.


·      Need for Director of Exhibits


o   For the last five years Cindy has been performing two jobs, first as President of KCAG, but also she has been the Director of Exhibits, the latter entailing finding exhibit venues for KCAG artists and also organizing and running such shows. 


o   To ease this burden, volunteers to fill the part of the Director of Exhibit role are being sought, the responsibilities being primarily the mechanics of running shows rather than venue acquisition:


§  Posting show calls to members, handling submissions, jurying, artist communications, etc.


§  Curating display and hanging of the artwork, organizing receptions, awards, sales, and takedown.


§  Cindy would retain the formal responsibility of representing the Guild as President and negotiating the details of an exhibit with show hosts, but will also continue searching for and obtaining new venues, though it must be emphasized that all KCAG members should always be on the lookout for opportunities and report them to Cindy for follow-up.


·      KCAG Show Events:


o   The KCAG pop-up art booth at the Ken Caryl Beer BrewHa event on Saturday, September 11, 2021, from 1pm - 5pm at the Dakota Lodge went quite well.  Around a dozen sales in total were made by artists Alexis McDowell, Beatriz Lynch, Laura Reagan, and Bruce Nall.  Many thanks to the Art Guild volunteers who helped make the event run smoothly.


o   Ideas were proposed for other local events in the future:


§  Open Studio or Art Walk events, such as those offered in Boulder and other communities


·      Visit artists in their home studios (though COVID issues or the prospect of strangers visiting a personal space might be issues for a smaller organization like KCAG)


·      Hold “Visit with our Artists” event at a single location such as the Dakota Lodge, Ranch House, or a local park (e.g., Brandon Gearhart Park) were a group of KCAG artists would demonstrate their techniques and processes and be available to talk with visitors while they work.  (Cindy will investigate the availability of such venues for events in 2022.)


§  Other KCAG community events

·      Barn BrewHa in 2022?

·      Ken Caryl Bazaar around Christmas-time?

·      Primary purpose would be to “show the flag” and potentially garner new KCAG members


§  Return to holding regular KCAG shows at local facilities

·      Dakota Lodge

·      Ranch House (upper floor)


§  Continue search for local venues at which KCAG art can be displayed in a continuous fashion

·      Lariat Lodge (replaced the old Rox Restaurant)

·      Other local businesses


·      Future Meetings:  Zoom vs. In-Person:


o   It was proposed and agreed that the Guild should return to in-person meetings, starting on Thursday, January 13, 2022.  Cindy will investigate various locations such as the Ranch House, Lariat Lodge, etc., and announce the meeting place and time later. 


o   This would offer the opportunity to resume other activities, such as “Show and Tells”, portfolio comments and critiques, support workshops into the business aspects of art (selling, electronic transactions, advertising, framing and hanging systems, show participation and response to calls via CaFE, etc.), programs (both live and Zoom), and other activities helpful to Guild members.


·      KCAG Christmas Party:


o   Set for December 16th, 2021, from 6 to 9pm, at a place to be determined.


o   Possible venues include the Lariat (old Rox Restaurant) and the Blue Spruce.


o   Cindy also generously offered her home as a possible location for this event.



Future Meetings


·      Next Board and Member Meeting Date:  Thursday, January 13, 2022, in person.  Details regarding time and locations TBA.



Adjournment:  The video meeting ended at 8:35pm.




Minutes:           Recorded and submitted by S. Begej.