Minutes of the Business & General Meeting


Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Meeting Details:


•    Board Members in Attendance (via Zoom video conference): Cindy Marshall, Michelle Sires-DeLorean, Bruce Nall, Judy Ahlborn, Steve McCall, Steve Begej









o   Artwork was hung on Thursday, October 15, and is expected to run until the end of the year.

o   The exhibit occupies most of the 1st and 2nd floor front lobby area of the office building at 1101 W. Mineral St. in Littleton.  A Google Gdrive folder containing general images of the hung show and its layout was made available by S. Begej at the following shared link:

o   Controversy regarding Alexis McDowell’s artworks (see link above to view)

§  Shortly after the artworks were installed, Cindy was informed that the owner of the building had taken down Alexis’s four artworks because “they were too controversial”.  At issue was not the historical maps themselves, but rather the text superimposed over the maps.

§  Cindy attempted obtain clarification of the owner’s position, but eventually the action was reluctantly accepted, as it was the owner’s prerogative to have final say in the artwork displayed at their facility.

§  During board discussion, another past instance involving “Joan’s nude” at a Yoga studio was also mentioned, and how the situation was salvaged by hanging the artwork in the women’s bathroom.

§  It was concluded that in the future perhaps the best way to avoid such negative experiences is to provide the venue with images for their approval prior to hanging the artworks.



o   Given the favorable response and relative ease of organization and production of the current virtual show, it was decided that another virtual show should be held in 1Q-2021, but just for local middle school, high school, and home schooled students in the same class categories.

o   Discussions centered around options regarding the show scope and artist qualifications:

§  A central concern is specifying appropriate artist qualifications that are not so restrictive as to draw too few applicants, but yet not so broad that we must deal with possibly hundreds of entries. (There is no limit to the number of entries that can be accommodated by the submission manager and Google storage drive, but there might be a limit to the number of images that Google Slide Show and the virtual gallery can support.  Judy?)

§  Restrict the age to 12 - 18 years old (middle school and high school)? 

§  Have separate divisions in the virtual gallery, or combine them (go with alphabetical order, with school level and age indicated in the caption)?

§  Restrict entrants to just Ken Caryl Plains and Valley student residents, regardless of what school they attend? 

§  If participation is restricted just to “local” schools, then which should be included?  High schools could include Chatfield, Dakota Ridge, Columbine, and Collegiate, while middle schools would include Bradford, Deer Creek, Summit Ridge, Ken Caryl (south of Columbine HS).  Others? 

§  Advertising could be done through the LAKC paper and NextDoor announcements, but another important avenue would be through art teachers and bulletin boards at the local schools.  However, such contact would be precluded if only KC residents are allowed to participate, as teachers and administrators might be reluctant to support an activity that excludes non-KC students from a shared art class activity.  Alexis also pointed out that teachers are presently quite overwhelmed during C19 teaching conditions, so might be unable to appropriately support or encourage their students with artwork for the show.

§  (Additional thought:  C19 restrictions have probably resulted in a greater than normal population of home-schooled children, and an effort should be made to include them in the show.  Many could be reached through the LAKC newspaper and NextDoor announcements.  Is there also some sort of unofficial contact list or local special-interest website that could also be utilized?)


·       Other KCAG Art Shows?

o   Columbine Library?  Visibility and foot traffic is excellent under ordinary times, and good even under C19 restriction conditions.  Cindy will look into reserving a spot for KCAG for a future event there for KCAG members.

o   KC Ranch House?  The large meeting room upstairs was mentioned as a very nice display area, though it has the disadvantage that everyday foot traffic is virtually nil, and special events are currently not being held.

o   KC Community Center? 

§  A year or so ago Cindy held discussions regarding the use of a conference room adjacent to the front desk as a site for monthly exhibits, but that option disappeared when the KC Day Care Center claimed it for program activities. 

§  Steve Begej made later inquiries regarding other options, but only scattered sites for displaying artwork were identified.  The best location for a few works was in the lounge area and perhaps on walls around the front desk, but the remaining locations were scattered throughout rooms and hallway walls throughout the building. 

§  In the meantime, several personnel changes have occurred at the Community Center including the building and program manager, so the current attitudes towards community artwork displays is unknown. 

§  Ideally, KCAG would be seeking an arrangement in which the Community Center would commit to offering space for a year, during which time one or more KCAG artists would be offered the opportunity for a month-long show.

§  Cindy will look into the current situation.

§  Note:  the Community Center will be open Monday – Saturday under reduced hours starting November 3.

o   Dakota Lodge?

o   Manor House?

o   Lariat Lounge?

o   Those in attendance were surveyed for their opinions regarding the subject of commissions for sales made during KCAG events.  The general consensus was that a commission payment should be voluntary, and on the order of 10%.



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