Business Meeting Agenda

6:30 PM, November 9, 2017 – Ken Caryl Ranch House


Regular Business:


·          Call to Order: 6:30 PM;

·          Attendance:  Bruce Nall (chair), Ronnie Seagren, Cindy Marshal, Susan Hilberg, Steve Begej

·          Approval of Minutes:  Approved.

·          Financial Report – (Susan Hilberg) – Bank balance – $1,399.79

·          Next Meeting Date – January 11, 2018 (December - Holiday Party)


Committee Reports:


·          Membership:  ---

·          Call for Art Submission Listing:  S. Begej will continue publishing bi-monthly announcements containing general notices, reminders, sales, member shows, and art show calls.

·          Programs / Workshops (Ronnie Seagren)

o     January - Perry the Potter ?

o     April - Catherine Petrov on oils

o     Judy Alhborn on quilts … TBD

·          Exhibits (Cindy Marshall / Bruce Nall)

o     Rox Café is still dark, and is unclear when might re-open.  Rumors include "never", as existing staff has been let go with no plans to re-hire soon.

o     Black Arts Wine:  Still processing grapes, no contact since last show.

o     Community Center:  Still a possibility, will need to refresh contacts and status.

·          Public Relations (Chelli)

o     Publications

o     Website

o     Facebook

·          Art Appreciation (Steve B) - See above "Call for Art Submission Listing"


 Old Business / New Business / Communications / Discussion:


·          Holiday Party (summary by Bruce Nall)

o     We will have the Christmas party at the Meadows the FIRST Thursday, December 7 (leaves room for lots of other events as we get later in the month).

o     Everyone (members and guests) will pay $10 since we aren't getting art entry fees to cover the member costs.

o     We will have similar buffet trays like last year, adding trays as we add  participants.

o     Cash bar like last year.

o     "e evite" should go out (who did it last year?)

·          Exhibit Space – Rent with Roxborough group (Pam Page email)?

o     "No" to renting and sharing gallery space with them. There are plenty of local co-op galleries with much better traffic for our members to choose from if they want permanent gallery exposure.

o     However, we would be open to have joint meetings/programs with them. 


7 PM Program


Mary Morrison – Golden Paints


Time of Adjournment:  7:01PM


Minutes submitted by S. Begej.