Business Meeting Minutes

May 10, 2018

Regular Business:

* Call to Order: 6:36 PM at the Ken Caryl Ranch House meeting room.

* Attendance: Steve McCall, Cindy Marshall, Susan Hilberg, Steve Begej (temporary Secretary).

* Approval of Minutes: Done online

* Financial Report (Susan Hilberg): Bank balance – $ (website not accessible)

* Next Meeting Date – June 14, 2018

Committee Reports:

* Membership:

* Programs / Workshops (Ronnie Seagren)

o Possible guest for June - Evergreen artist JJ Hawks on painting with acrylics using sticks and other implements instead of brushes to move the paint.

* Exhibits (Cindy Marshall / Bruce Nall)

o Still no response from Ken Caryl regarding shows in the Ranch House Hall or Valley Community Center spaces.

o Cindy will investigate the possibility of a KCAG one-day show in August. An entry fee of $5 to $10 per piece up to a maximum of $30 for 3 pieces was discussed.

o Steve M. will contact Roxborough Arts Council to see if they would like to participate.

o No news on Rox Café or Black Arts Winery spaces.

* Public Relations (Chelli Schmac)

o Publications

o Website

o Facebook

* Art Appreciation (Steve Begej)

o Announcements of local and regional art calls, reminders, KCAG presenters, member show news, and artwork sales are being sent out to all KCAG members on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Old Business / New Business / Communications / Discussion:

* Officer Elections: Board members present were polled and were willing to be nominated and stand for their current positions.

Time of Adjournment: 7:00pm

* Meeting notes recorded and submitted by Steve Begej, Secretary pro tem.

7 PM Program

Judy Ahlborn gave a presentation regarding her quilted textile artwork, and brought examples to illustrate the processes and techniques used in creating them.