HELD:  May 11, 2017


The monthly business meeting of the Board of Directors of the Ken-Caryl Art Guild was held on May 11, 2017 at Ken-Caryl Ranch House, 7676 S Continental Divide Rd, Littleton CO.   Due to a medical absence by Michele Sires-DeLorean, Secretary, these minutes were recorded by board member Steve Begej,


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm by President Steve McCall.


Approval of Minutes

April 2017 minutes were approved online.


Financial Report

Treasurer Susan Hilberg

Bank balance: $1,194.63


Officers in Attendance

Steve McCall, Ronnie Seagren, Susan Hilberg, Steve Begej, Cindy Marshal


Other in Attendance:

Cathy Begej, Teri McCans, Karen Krolicki, Kelli Williams, Susan Hellman


Next Meeting Date

The Guild will be meeting at the Ken-Caryl Ranch House from 6:30pm to 8:00pm on every second Thursday beginning May 11 through Nov 9 for the year 2017.

Next meeting - June 8, 2017.


Committee Reports



Programs (Dir Ronnie Seagren)
Dr. Bob Klimek - Engineers as Artists - June 8, 2017

Tom Mizik - Carved Birds - Possibly for September meeting.

Ronnie proposed a plein aire potluck breakfast for the first weekend in July or August.


Exhibits (Dir Cindy Marshall)

Cindy is still investigating details regarding continuous exhibit space at the Community Center, and a show event in the upstairs banquet room at the Ranch House.  According to the Ranch House calendar, the weekend or two following Labor Day (Sept. 4) might be a good candidate.  More information will be obtained and shared at the next meeting.


Special Exhibits (Dir Bruce Nall)

Bruce was absent.

Steve McCall mentioned that the Spark Gallery had sent him a note regarding a call for a show in August named "Paradox".  Steve Begej said he would find the details and email the notice out to KCAG members.


Art Appreciation (Dir Steve Begej)

Steve will send out information to KCAG members regarding various show calls that have deadlines May - July.


Facebook Media (Chelli Schmac)

Absent - no report


Public Relations (Office open)

Dir of PR person is responsible for submitting KCAG news and/or announcements to Life at Ken-Caryl newspaper and announcement of meetings to the Columbine Courier. When news is not available, photographs with caption may be submitted. (Not required for every month.) Currently Ronnie and Michele have been submitting articles to Life at Ken-Caryl.



Dir of Programs, Ronnie Seagren submitted an article about Corinne O'Flynn for Life at Ken-Caryl. Digital .pdfs available online.


Website (Dir Judy Ahlborn)

In absentia, Judy requested that members send any updates for the website.



Please post news and photos directly on FB or send to our FB Media person, Chelli Schmac.


Other Communications/Discussions

Nominations of Officer Candidates for 2017-2018, and acceptances of nominations:

- President:  Steve McCall - self nominated and accepted the position

- Secretary:  Michele Sires-DeLorean - accepted

- Treasurer: Susan Hillberg - accepted

- Program Director:  Ronnie Seagren - accepted

- Director of Exhibits:  Cindy Marshal - accepted

- Special Exhibits: vacant (Bruce is current director, but was absent today)

- Art Appreciation: Steve Begej - accepted

- Facebook Media: vacant (Chelli was absent today)

- Public Relations:  vacant (currently handled by Ronnie and Michele)

- Publications: vacant (currently often done by Ronnie)

- Website:  Judy Ahlborn - accepted


Other - Program suggestions:

Susan Hellman suggested KCAG programs might periodically include special sessions covering a variety of practical, everyday aspects of making and marketing art:

- Art process and technique descriptions

- How to photograph your art for a website, call submission, or own gallery notebook

- Framing issues and techniques

- Options for setting up own website, e.g., Wordpress, do it yourself with a website editor application, or hire someone to do it

- Call application process through CaFE or otherwise

- (SB:  A questionnaire might be circulated asking members to list a number of topics they would like to see covered, and a program assembled that would address a two or three of the most popular requests)


Other - Food or refreshments at meetings:

Steve McCall brought a food tray to the meeting, and wondered if food and drinks should be brought to future meetings on a regular basis:

- Pot luck format?

- Designated person bring a food tray of light snacks and water, to be reimbursed by KCAG?

- Would wine be permitted at the Ranch House?

- Bring what you like, but just for yourself?

- Other ideas?


There being no further items for discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 7:25 p.m., followed by a brief tour of the upstairs banquet room by several interested members.


Respectfully submitted,


for Michele Sires-DeLorean, Secretary, by Steve Begej