HELD MAY 12, 2016


The monthly business meeting of the Board of Directors of the Ken-Caryl Art Guild was held on May 12, 2016 at Rox Bar & Grill, 12684 W Indore Pl, Littleton CO. 



Call to Order


The meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm.


Approval of Minutes


April minutes were approved online.



Financial Report


Treasurer Susan Hilberg 


Bank balance : N/A


Rox meeting room has been reserved for Apr, May and June.





Steve McCall, Michele Sires-DeLorean, Kathy Holderith, Ronnie Seagren, Susan Hilberg, Judy Ahlborn


Other in Attendance: 


Kelli Jimerson, Susan Hall, Ken & Maddy Oliva, Steve Begej, Mary Beth & Larry Burgess, Cindy Marshall, Mary Nehls, Barbara Cagianese and visitor, and four visitors from Roxborough Arts Council



Next Meeting Date 


June 9, 6 pm at Rox Bar & Grill


Guild officer nominations/election 


Presenter: Dr. Bob Klimek - Appreciation art & culture




Committee Reports


Membership: (Sec Michele Sires-DeLorean)


New member: Chelli Schmac



Programs (Dir Ronnie Seagren)


Several leads are being followed including a recommendation by new member Chelli, and Tony Ortega, instructor at Regis University. 


The Guild will be scheduling a Plein Air field outing sometime in the summer. 



Exhibits (Office Open)


Pres Steve McCall updated the Board on Roxborough Art Fair, June 4-5. Sign-up sheet for staff coverage was created and final details re: setup, breakdown and parking were finalized.



Special Exhibits (Dir Bruce Nall - absent)


No report


Open Art Calls:


Colorado Wild (2nd Annual Audubon Wild show) June 8 deadline 




Art Appreciation (Dir Gail Firmin - absent)


No report


Public Relations (Dir Kathy Holderith)


Kathy Holderith will be resigning her position on July 1 due to time conflict. 




Status with publication of Rox Arts poster created by MSD


Kathy needs info and photo from Bruce Nall re: Jeffco High School Award recipient Eric Anders.


Website (Dir Judy Ahlborn)


Susan Hill offered to assist if needed.


Facebook (Gail Firmin)


Please post news and photos on FB.


Other Communications/Discussions


Pres Steve suggested contributing to the KCR Community Garden project by either donation or art in kind.


Officer nominations will be conducted via email and voted on at the June 9th meeting. 


There being no further items for discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 6:58 pm. 



Respectfully submitted,


Michele Sires-DeLorean, Secretary