HELD MAR 09, 2017


The monthly business meeting of the Board of Directors of the Ken-Caryl Art Guild was held on March 9, 2017 at Rox Bar & Grill, 12684 W Indore Pl, Littleton CO.


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm.


Approval of Minutes

February minutes were approved online.


Financial Report

Treasurer Susan Hilberg

Bank balance: $1289.63


Officers in Attendance

Bruce Nall, Michele Sires-DeLorean, Ronnie Seagren, Susan Hilberg, Steve Begej


Other in Attendance:

Joan Kaufman, Peg Hart, Cathy Begej, Teri McCans, Judy Sears, Larry and Mary Jane Burgess, Mary Nahls, Barb Arne and guest

Next Meeting Date

April 13, 6 pm at Rox Bar & Grill

Presenter: John Norris


Committee Reports

Membership: (Sec Michele Sires-DeLorean)

Michele will email officers updated membership list.


Programs (Dir Ronnie Seagren)
May 11 (or later) 2017
Tom Mizik - Carved Birds
June 8th, 2017
Dr. Bob Klimek - Engineers as Artists


Bruce Nall will forward Ronnie information on encaustic workshop offered by Carolyn Berry.


Exhibits (Dir Cindy Marshall)

Cindy will email members re: next install/breakdown for Rox

She will also contact Melissa Daruna at the Ranch House re: exhibiting at a facility on the Ranch.


Special Exhibits (Dir Bruce Nall)

Bruce has emailed several 'Calls for Entry' submissions that do not appear on callforentry.org.

Members voted to pass on participating in the 10th Annual Rox Fair (June3-4).


Art Appreciation (Dir Steve Begej)

Steve will send out an invitation to the 40WestArts reception early April, as three guild members are in the show.


Facebook Media (Chelli Schmac)

Absent - no report


Public Relations (Office open)

Dir of PR person is responsible for submitting KCAG news and/or announcements to Life at Ken-Caryl newspaper and announcement of meetings to the Columbine Courier. When news is not available, photographs with caption may be submitted. (Not required for every month.) Currently Ronnie and Michele have been submitting articles to Life at Ken-Caryl.



Dir of Programs, Ronnie Seagren submitted an article about Corinne O'Flynn for Life at Ken-Caryl. Digital .pdfs available online.


Website (Dir Judy Ahlborn)

In absentia, Judy requested that members send any updates for the website.



Please post news and photos directly on FB or send to our FB Media person, Chelli Schmac.


Other Communications/Discussions


Board voted to grant Jeffco High School Award $100. Bruce invited members to act as jurors on April 5th, 1 pm at the Arvada Center.


Michele reported that the response to her input to the KCR Committee for Planning has been favorable: Metropolitan District has changed its policy on community group room rentals. Starting now, community groups can meet for free during the day when the buildings are open as well as in the evenings. For the evening meetings, they ask that groups keep those to 2 hours per month and be done by 9 p.m. If the group wants to have an event or fundraiser, they will still need to rent the rooms but the fee will be a flat $40/day rather than per hour.


The Guild will request a meeting space at the Ranch House for the second Thursdays of the month excluding July and August, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. A summary of business will be provided at the beginning of each meeting. Pres Steve will be requested to call a quarterly business meeting for future planning.


(EDIT: Update as of 3.10.17 - The Guild will be meeting at the Ranch House as scheduled on every second Thursday beginning May 11 through Nov 9 for the year 2017. The April 13th meeting will be held at Rox.)


Members discussed planning the 2017 calendar for a KCAG Annual Art Show at the Ranch House.


There being no further items for discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 7:04 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,


Michele Sires-DeLorean, Secretary