Minutes of the Business & General Meeting


Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Meeting Details:


Board Members in Attendance: Cindy Marshall, Michelle Sires-DeLorean, Judy Ahlborn, Steve Begej, Bruce Nall, Steve McCall







o   Discussion focused on KCAG sponsoring a pop-up art show event at the Ken Caryl BeerBrewHa on Saturday, September 11, 2021, 1pm - 5pm at the Dakota Lodge.

o   The festivities organizers have accepted us as participants.

o   Bruce has been a previous visitor to this event, and reported it to be relatively low key and casual, with various vendor tents (insurance, banking, realtors, ), food trucks, live music, and of course beer.

o   It was suggested that an appropriate artwork price range for this event would be less than $100, with perhaps just a few larger or pricier pieces "just in case".

o   Payment for artwork was discussed, with the expectation that most people would pay with credit card, or perhaps PayPal or cash, but few with checks. Steve Begej volunteered to be cashier capable of taking credit cards (via Square) or PayPal.

o   Sales tax (5%) would be included in the price, and the artist's responsibility for remittance to the state.

o   Steve would also provide a 10'x10' tent, while Cindy could provide from 3 to 5 grid panels to display and support the artwork.

o   Both Steve and Bruce could also bring easels for larger pieces, should they be needed.

o   A table might be provided by the event organizers.

o   Membership participation details:

  Limited to a maximum of 3 artworks per member

  Size should be "small" commensurate with a price of less than $100

  Artists would be given blank KCAG labels to fill out at the event, and perhaps assist with hanging



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