Minutes of the Business & General Meeting


Thursday, July 15, 2021


Meeting Details:


    Board Members in Attendance: Cindy Marshall, Michelle Sires-DeLorean, Judy Ahlborn, Bruce Nall, and Steve Begej







o   Discussion focused on KCAG sponsoring a pop-up art show event at the Ken Caryl BarnBrewHa on Saturday, September 11, 2021, 1pm - 5pm at the Dakota Lodge

o   Steve Begej has agreed to provide a 10’ x 10’ show tent for the event, and to serve as cashier (credit cards via Square, PayPay, checks, and cash), with sales tax (5%) to be included in the price, and it being the artist's responsibility for remittance to the state

o   Cindy will provide grids for mounting the artwork, to be picked up by Steve at a date TBA

o   The number of pieces was capped at 25, being a number that could be accommodated by 3 – 5 grids

o   All artworks should be pre-strung with wire, no sawtooth hangers

o   Pricing and artwork selection by artists was originally suggested to be less than $100 and no larger than 16” x 20”, but this was changed to “select and price as you want” in a manner appropriate to the event, e.g., a low-key neighborhood event with many families and kids in attendance

o   Not withstanding the above, it was also suggested that Steve and Bruce (maybe Beatriz too?) bring one large piece each with a large price ($500 - $1000?) that could be placed on easels in front of the tent as attention grabbers

o   Cindy will provide blank KCAG labels to be filled out by the artists as they drop off their works

o   Michelle has created a poster regarding KCAG’s participation in the event, and will arrange to have it appear in the Life at Ken Caryl newspaper, and send a copy to Judy for publication on the Guild’s website and Facebook

o   Bruce reported that:

§  The event organizers will provide a table for us

§  The precise location of our tent is presently not known, but probably will be in the Dakota Lodge parking lot or an adjacent grassy area

§  The periphery of the parking lot will be occupied by food trucks and other vendors

§  The BarnBrewHa coordinator will be contacting him with details of the event in August

o   Setup is expected to take about 2 hours, so our people need to show up around 11am

o   Takedown starting at 5pm should proceed faster, though is complicated by the need for artists to pick up their work promptly between 5 and 6pm.



·       Zoom vs. In-Person Meetings:

o   Question:  Given the relaxation of Covid restrictions, should we move to in-person meeting, perhaps in the fall or spring?

o   One advantage of Zoom meetings is that programs can be much more conveniently hosted, as speakers need not be physically present and the level of preparation need not be as demanding as for a physical talk.  Show-and-Tells for Guild members could be handled the same way

o   The consensus was to keep meeting via Zoom for now



·       Other Exhibits and Show Opportunities:

o   Bruce mentioned that Lakewood Cultural Center is becoming more active, and is accepting proposals from groups for shows in their various galleries, though openings are presently about a year out

o   Also, Littleton Museum is looking for proposals from individual artists and groups

o   Bruce also mentioned that ACC (Arapahoe Community College) Kaleidoscope virtual exhibit has a significant number of entries from KCAG members, including himself, Michele and Gail Firmin.


Future Meetings



Adjournment:  The video meeting ended at approximately 8:12PM (?)


Minutes:           Recorded and submitted by S. Begej.