Minutes of the Business & General Meeting


Thursday, January 13, 2022


Meeting Details:


·      Location:  Remote video conference (Zoom)

·      Call to Order: 7:33 PM

   Board Members in Attendance: Cindy Marshall, Michelle Sires-DeLorean, Bruce Nall, Judy Ahlborn, Steve Begej

·      KCAG Members Present:  Laura Reagan

·      Approval of Minutes:   

·      Financial Report:  Bank balance:  $ 1,191.48

·      Next Board and Member Meeting Date:  Thursday, April 14, 2022, 7:30pm, held via than Zoom video conferencing. 





·      Call to Order – 7:35pm


·      Old Business


o   Participating artists must pick up their work from the Mineral Street venue on Friday, January 14, from 10am – 12noon

o   The last-minute exhibit at the Columbine Library is up and running through the end of January, with artworks from KCAG members Cindy Marshall, Donna Schnitzer, Judy Ahlborn, Alexis McDowell, and Theresa Davis

o   Alexis McDowell has organized an informal member get-together held at the Atlas Coffee Shop (King Soopers center) every 2nd Saturday at 9am.


·      New Business:


o   Jeffco School Art Exhibit:

§  A $100 award was approved for a student selected by KCAG judges at the upcoming Jeffco Student Art Exhibit in April.

§  Bruce Nall will sent out an email soliciting judges for the event.

o   Other types of KCAG shows to consider and plan:

§  Another Virtual Teen Show?  Organization should be relatively easy, as the call procedures and exhibit mechanism have already been established during past events.

§  A “3rd Annual” KCAG show at the Dakota Lodge?  It could be held as an in-person show at Dakota Lodge, and include other KC resident’s artworks.  July timeframe?

§  Other “pop-up” shows at KC events, such as Brew-Ha?

§  Join in with KC events such as craft fair events at the Ranch House?  Occasions might include Christmas, Springtime, Mother’s Day.  Emphasis would be on crafts and artworks selling for less than $100.  Cindy volunteered to investigate further.

§  Open Studios?  Tours of studios are a possibility, though the prospect of having members of the public with varying degrees of masking and inoculation visiting home studios is not particularly appealing in present circumstances.  A garage setup might be a workable alternative to mitigate such concerns. Another option might be a gathering of artists at some central location at which their art process could be demonstrated while interacting with visitors.

§  Plein air event, similar to past events sponsored by KCAG in the South Valley Park?

§  New Long-Term Exhibit Venues?  Bruce mentioned that a new bar/restaurant named “Tap & Dough” is opening next to the Sonic Drive-in, with an optimistic sign declaring a February 7 opening date.  When open, Bruce will stop by to ascertain the décor, atmosphere, and possible wall space availability for long-term KCAG exhibits.


o   Celebration of Life Event: 

§  Michelle conveyed an announcement that Chuck Danford is seriously ill and will no longer be offering painting classes, but has extended an open invitation to a pre-memorial Celebration of Life event.  A copy of the invitation will be forwarded to KCAG members, should they be interested in attending.


·      New Director of Exhibits


o   Laura Reagan expressed interest in taking over the responsibilities for the Director of Exhibits, a role that Cindy is stepping back from.  Cindy will help Laura come up to speed in the transition period.

o   It was also suggested that individual members could also act like mini-entrepreneurs by taking the primary lead in organizing new events, activities, shows, or other ideas that they may have or encounter, thereby reducing the burden placed on any single individual.


Next Meeting


·      Next Board and Member Meeting Date:  Thursday, April 14, 2022, by Zoom..



Adjournment:   The video meeting ended at 8:38pm.




Minutes:   Recorded and submitted by S. Begej.