Minutes of the Special Meeting regarding

Pop-Up show at KC BarnBrewHa Event on Sept 11


Thursday, August 26, 2021


Meeting Details:


•    Board Members in Attendance: Cindy Marshall, Michelle Sires-DeLorean, Judy Ahlborn, Bruce Nall, Steve Begej, Steve McCall







o   Bruce Nall communicated additional information from the KC event organizers regarding set-up times and access locations at Dakota Lodge

o   It will be staffed by KC personnel starting at 10:00am, allowing access for us to set up our tent and grids at 11:00am (Steve Begej will bring the tent, grids and artwork labels, and Steve McCall and Bruce Nall have volunteered to assist with setup)

o   From 11:00am to noon KCAG artists can drive into Dakota Lodge to bring their work to the tent, but from noon to 1:00pm must walk it over from an access point at Dawn Heath Drive.  Alternatively, after 1:00pm they can take the shuttle from the Bradford Intermediate parking lot area to the Lodge.

o   Sale details:

§  Steve Begej would act as cashier/treasurer for KCAG, and be able to handle transactions via cash, check, Square (credit cards), and PayPal.  Alternatively, the customer can pay the artist directly.

§  Sales tax (5% In Jeffco) would be included in the listed sales price, and would leave the reporting responsibility to the artist

§  Steve would forward a sale list and the aggregate sales amount to KCAG via a check, less any personal processing fees incurred for the transactions (xxx% for Square?  xxx% for Paypal?  though not expected to be more than a few percent of each transaction)

§  KCAG would disperse sales amounts to the artists, less the general 10% commission to KCAG


o   Other:

§  Cindy will email blank labels to KCAG artists should they wish to fill them out prior to the show

§  Steve Begej and Bruce will each bring a “large” piece and easels to position outside the tent to act as customer attractors

§  The event organizers will provide a table for our use, though it is suggested that personal folding chairs be brought in addition


Other business:

·       Cindy mentioned that there is another opportunity to have a physical show at the Mineral Street building, and asked for a vote of interest

·       All board members agreed that a 2nd show would be worthwhile

·       Cindy would set it up and get the details, with an expected show date of October ’21 to January ’22.


Next meeting:  Thursday, October 14, 2021, at 7:30PM via Zoom Video Conference. 


Adjournment:  The video meeting ended at approximately 8:03pm


Minutes:           Recorded and submitted by S. Begej.