Minutes of the Business & General Meeting


Thursday, April 28, 2022


Meeting Details:


·      Location:  Remote video conference (Zoom)

·      Call to Order: 7:29 PM

   Board Members in Attendance: Cindy Marshall, Michelle Sires-DeLorean (Zoom host), Bruce Nall, Judy Ahlborn, Steve McCall, Steve Begej

·      KCAG Members Present:  Alexis McDowell

·      Guests:  Traci Wieland, KCR Metro District Manager

·      Approval of Minutes:   

·      Financial Report:  Bank balance:  $ 1,141.96

·      Next Board and Member Meeting Date:  To Be Announced, held via  Zoom video conferencing. 





·      Call to Order – 7:29pm


·      Special Guest Speaking about Public Art at Ken Caryl Ranch:


o   Traci Wieland, KCR District Manager, briefly joined the meeting to speak to the Guild regarding public art in Ken Caryl Ranch.  It was based on a discussion in April with Michele Sires-DeLorean regarding placement of art in KCR open space, along trails, and the new housing development area. (Michele’s document "Public Art Along KCR Trails - Exploring the Possibilities" is attached as an Appendix to these minutes).

o   Ideas regarding Public Art were solicited

§  Solicit KCAG member contributions (send ideas to Cindy)

§  Examine the structure and content of other public art programs

§  Consider various locations and activity areas that could be used for display or presentation of Public Art, e.g., utility boxes, murals, posters, swim meets, tennis tournaments, and equestrian events.

o   Cindy will set up a meeting in the future with Traci and interested KCAG members for further idea development and implementation.


·      Old Business


o   Atlas Coffee Get-togethers:

§  The informal member get-together held at the Atlas Coffee Shop (King Soopers center) every 2nd Saturday at 9am is ongoing.  Ideas such as Pop-Up art shows were discussed (similar to the last BrewHaHa event).

o   Jeffco School Art Exhibit:

§  A $100 award was made to a young female artist by KCAG judges Cindy, Bruce, Judy, and Steve M. at a well attended ceremony.


·      New Business:


o   Miner’s Alley

§  Bruce reported that Miner’s Alley is transitioning to a new performance space, and has a new Art Coordinator

§  It is basically a wait-and-see situation, with the exhibit potential being more than a year away, but Bruce will try to get KCAG on the show list at the first opportunity.

o   Mailbox

§  Bruce mentioned that he is planning to discontinue his personal USPS post office box (which is currently shared with KCAG) in the near future, and that KCAG should find an alternative mail box or address.

§  A small box would suffice for KCAG needs, but a real person must register for it.  This should be done soon, preferably before the next KCAG membership renewal period arrives.

§  Cindy and Bruce will discuss the matter further and sort it out.

o   Fall Art Show

§  A “3rd Annual” KCAG show at the Dakota Lodge

·      In-person juried show at Dakota Lodge around July

·      Include resident and non-resident artists?

·      Might be expensive to host, as new rules require all groups to pay a standard hourly fee for facility use.  A 4 hour show might require billing for 6-8 hours if setup, hanging, and cleanup are included.

·      However, the venue might be willing to install a professional hanging system, which would greatly speed up the hanging process and save on facility fees. 

o   Other “pop-up” shows at KC events

§  Have a special KCAG-only Popup Show sometime in the middle of July.  Space could be rented at the Ranch House for tents.  Cindy and Kate McDonald would participate and provide their own canopy.  Other art could also be shown, and perhaps include an artist demo area or a Kid’s Corner for making simple prints, collages, or masks.

§  Participation of KCAG artists at last year’s Brew-Ha-Ha was considered a successful endeavor, and the board agreed that we should participate again this year.



Next Meeting


·      Next Board and Member Meeting Date:  To be announced.



Adjournment:   The video meeting ended at 8:xxpm.




Minutes:   Recorded and submitted by S. Begej.