Minutes of the Business & General Meeting


Tuesday, April 15, 2021


Meeting Details:


    Board Members in Attendance: Cindy Marshall, Michelle Sires-DeLorean, Judy Ahlborn, Steve Begej, Bruce Nall, Steve McCall








·       Members-Only KCAG Art Show


o   Cindy inquired about the availability of the Dakota Lodge for a future KCAG Members-Only Show, perhaps in September, or between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Space was available, but subject to a current room occupancy limitation of 40 people and whatever other COVID restrictions might be in effect at the time.

o   The occupancy limitation was thought to be workable, perhaps through some sort of time slot reservation system, or widening the period in which the gallery would be open.  (Art show goers might already be accustomed to such restrictions imposed at other exhibits they have attended during the last year.)

o   Cindy will tentatively reserve September 18th or 25th, or a date between Thanksgiving and Christmas as a backup.

o   A physical show will have an associated virtual gallery so visitors may see the exhibit should a physical show be cancelled, and/or to revisit the artworks to consider possible purchases for the holidays.

o   No artistic theme or media limitations would be specified.

o   It was suggested that artists provide at least one less expensive artwork to encourage holiday purchases, perhaps in the $100 price range.


Future Meetings



Aftermeeting Topics of Discussion


·       Cultural Appropriation

o   Alexis mentioned an incident with her artwork at Foothills Art Center that raised criticism based on cultural appropriation grounds, i.e., persons criticized her work on redlining and thought that she – not being a person of color – had no right to make artwork, benefit from sales, or further her artistic reputation by speaking on subjects to which she had no cultural/social stake or personal experience. 

o   This generated a lively Zoom discussion of various issues, such as: 

§  The expectation that stating a viewpoint – artistic or otherwise - on contemporary social subjects will inherently generate pro and con reactions.

§  Is it possible to artistically address universal elements of human conditions (such as pain and suffering) without reference to specific situations in which those elements arise?

§  Is representation of various contemporary social issues a direction one personally wishes to embark upon given the expected blowback?

§  Can one rationally address such reactions, or is inflammatory rhetoric and uncomfortable artwork just part of the necessary toolkit one must embrace to affect social change?


·       NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens)

o   Cindy raised the question as to what NFTs were, and what they mean to artists and the artworld in light of several well-publicized recent sales.

o   Various questions and understandings of NFTs were offered, including: 

§  A way for artists to sell digital works that was previously not possible

§  It’s a scam using gibberish gargon

§  What’s a token?

§  It’s another Tulip craze

§  What does a blockchain or cybercurrency have to do with it?

§  It’s clearly a way to make money (for some people).

o   Cindy suggested a special Zoom meeting for KCAG members to explore this subject and perhaps reach a better understanding of NFTs and the evolving world of cybercurrency, blockchains, and tokens. 

o   Interest in such a meeting was great, and it was suggested that members try to educate themselves in the meantime, including circulation of good articles (e.g., Kevin Rouse in the NYTimes, 20210324 “Buy This Column on the Blockchain”, and 20210326 “Why Did Someone Pay $560,000 for a Picture of My Column?” Specifics TBA.